Countryside High School
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Our School

Countryside High School is a small community day school that, in conjunction with Tulare Youth Service Bureau (TYSB), helps serve the academic and mental health needs of up to forty high school students in grades 9-12 in the Tulare Joint Union High School District whose academic performance, attitudes, and behaviors warrant immediate and sometimes intense intervention. The staff is a blended team of education and mental health professionals working with parents and guardians to provide a coordinated, structured, nurturing and safe learning environment for all students.

Mission Statement

Countryside High School is to deliver an education program to high school students whose academic performance, behaviors, and attitudes warrant intervention. Countryside High School provides an academic foundation coordinated with a counseling component to provide a true rehabilitative environment. A small student to teacher ratio is maintained for more individualized instruction. The staff is a blended team of education and mental health professionals working together with parent/guardians to provide a structured and safe learning environment.

School-wide Learner Outcomes

P - Personally Geared

  • By being organized, prepared, and self-directed with understanding the requirements of the work world.
  • By being independent thinkers, decision makers and problem solvers.
  • By identifying career goals and creating a plan to attain them.

A - Academically Sound

  • By reading, comprehending, writing, speaking, and listening to the very best of their abilities in all required curriculum areas and having skills necessary to pass state exams.
  • By understanding the direct correlation between attendance and academic performance.

W - Well Rounded

  • By understanding how to maintain personal health and fitness.
  • By evaluating personal values and ethics.
  • By performing necessary tasks for daily living.

S - Socially Aware

  • By respecting the rights and opinions of others in a multicultural and socially diverse society.
  • By respecting personal boundaries, upholding the law, and abiding by rules and regulations.
  • By developing decision making and problem solving skills in order to work cooperatively with others.